Moms, Marchers and Managers: One Poem's Journey

When a friend tells me a poem I wrote was an inspiration to them in some way, it's a feeling as good or better than publication.

And when a friend tells you that not only did your poem inspire them, but they actually hauled off and wrote something of their own because of what you wrote? Well, that's the cherry on every imaginable literary sundae! My friend Matthew Kaemingk is a theologian who had some ideas sparked by my poem, "To the Women Marching, From a Mother at Home," which I shared widely online the day of the Women's March 2017 (and which will be in print this coming fall in an anthology from Sixteen Rivers Press).

Dr. Kaemingk's article for Fuller Studio, "Moms, Marchers and Managers: Priests all three," develops and enriches many of the ideas underlying my poem. It is a tremendous joy to see the creative work I do making a meaningful impact on theological thought as well. I hope you'll check out his piece!